Connecting Two WRT54GL Wireless Routers

I am wanting to add a second WRT54GL wireless router to a bedroom in the back of the house. I would like to connect both a computer and a printer directly to this. Both would be connected via CAT5 cable. The printer is a Canon i850 printer and would be connected via a print server. I want to go the print server route in case the computer is off, I can still print without having to start the computer.

The first WRT54G (older version that is currently running the Tomato firmware 1.21) sits in our living room. It currently has two desktops connected via cable, two laptop connected via wireless, and a Wii that also connectes via wireless.

My questions are:

  1. Can I run the Tomato firmware (or some other 3rd party firmware) on both routers and have data transfer wirelessly back and forth without problems?

  1. Is that the best solution? I have seen the power line adapters but I think I would still need some switch/hub for the back bedroom. My only problem with the power line adapters is the additional cost, not sure what speeds can be obtained, plus I am not sure about the wiring in our almost

60 year old home.

  1. Any thought or ideas on a print server or a more appropriate group? I am not sure I want a wireless print server. Any thoughts on a wireless vs non- wireless print server.

  2. Anything else I should consider?

Thanks for any comments.

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Frank Hahn
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I use DD-WRT on mine. Having a similar setup

Keep downstairs as it is.

Configure the new 54GL as a client bridge, with the WiFi as the WAN link. Then the upstairs AP will connect to the downstairs wirelessly, and bridge its Switch to the Wireless, result, connecting the kit upstairs to the LAN downstairs.

Another option is to use WDS, then the upstairs will be configures as an AP with WDS Advantage, you have a 2nd AP upstairs fir wireless clients Disadvantage, you half your throughput using WDS.

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"TheDragon" wrote in news:

Thanks for the comments. They bring up several other questions though.

  1. Do you lose half your throughput in both scenarios, either as a client bridge or in WDS mode?

  1. If other wireless devices are connected to the first or main wireless router, will they also be slowed down? I am guessing yes if they connect and try and send data at the same time. I could see this as an issue when transferring large files but typically, I would guess this may not be a problem.

Again, thanks.

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Frank Hahn

Only WDS and WiFi repeater modes loose 1/2 the bandwidth due to 1/2 duplex working.

Using a Clent/router setup with either routed or NAT you just contend for bandwidth with everyone else.

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