How do I connect two wireless routers together?

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First I guess I should say what hardware I have. I have a Dlink DI524 Wireless router with 4 ports and an SMC7004VWBR Wireless router with 4 ports.

What I am shooting for is to have one router "A" connected to my cable modem and I will have pcs that are wired into to the network through the 4 ports. This wireless router will also allow me to connect wirelessly to it from a laptop.

Next in another room I need to have a second wireless device "B" with a 4 port hub. This device will need to connect wirelessly to the main router "A" so that computers connected to the hub can access the internet. The trick here is that I also would like a wireless laptop user to connect to this device "B" and it also get its internet connetivity from router "A".

I know that my two routers will not talk to each other in this manner.

Is there any device that I can replace one of my routers with to do this?

The netgear WG602 seems like it may do what Im wanting but I am uncertain.


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"Ree-Yees" wrote in news:

Yeah, you can drag a CAT 5 cable between the two routers and be done with it. One router connected to the modem is the gateway router to the Internet. The second router will become a wire/wireless AP switch most routers have a built in switch, like what's being done in the link. It doesn't matter what make, brand, wire or wireless as the principle for connecting two routers is the same.

I here there are some ways to connect wirelessly between two routers some firmware. But IMHO, keep it simple and drag the cable. ;-)

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