Connect two routers together?


I have a broadband 8000 Wireless & LAN combination router Netgear DG834PN (use as DHCP, IP and have now also bougth a US Robotics Wireless MAXg 5461A (Standard IP, to use it as Printerserver with its USB port.

I don't know how to connect the two routers together. From my labtops I just can connect one router/WAN each time, not the two together. From my LAN based PCs, they doesn't find the US Robotics wireless router (the Netgear is their ordinare DHCP connected by wires)

How can I create a network printer setup, with access from both LAN and WAN based PCs?

Happy to all suggestions, Regards tskogstrom

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Simple.. from router #1 net output, go to the wan input of the second device (NOT to one of the router net ports, but the WAN input) I have two routers connected that way, and also have a Bluetooth to ethernet device (anycom ap-2002) plugged into the second, and can use WiFi or BT from any devices and see the whole network..

Be aware that many USB printers are NOT actually USB printers, but have software that runs on a computer, does the actual printing, and olny uses USB to get the data to print (many of the ones sold nowadays will NOT work with a USB printserver, even if they are USB printers! Watch out for anything that claims to print photos)

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Peter Pan

Not exactly. At least, from the perspective of not making a simple connetion to the other router.

If the goal is to create a whole other subnet "inside" the parent one then fine. But if the goal is to simply get another device connected onto the existing network that's the wrong "route" to take.

If one of your routers can be told to act as an access point then use that setting. Depending on how that access point feature behaves you MAY be able to use the single WAN (internet) port to chain it to the other router. But if it doesn't (and many don't) then using the WAN port raises more headaches than it solves. Better instead to connect from the second router's LAN ports into the other router's LAN ports. Then tell this second router to disable any of it's services like port forwarding, routing and DHCP. This may require telling the second router to use a static address from within the first router's network, most will allow this.

So if all you want to do is hang that printer interface off your existing network then you'll have to see if the routers support reconfiguring themselves for it.

Yeah, unless it's truly nothing more than a plain printer and has NO features like scanning or support for memory cards, you're FAR better off connecting it to a PC. Then tell the PC to share the printer to the network. We do this here for an HP OfficeJet and it's been working great. The host PC has access to the full range of the printer's features while everyone else gets to print through it. In simple setups that's a reasonable compromise. Trying to use a USB network print "server" would end up leaving no workstation with access to the scanning and memory card features.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

Thank you all for suggestions. It is a home network and I can choos between two inkjet printers, one multifunctional Epson DX4850 and one ordinary stylus D68. Epson claim both to support network printing.

I'll sit down and tst some of the approaches.

Regards tskogstrom

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