Strange problem with Internet connection bandwidth & wireless router

I have a new Dell laptop Studio computer. I also have 3 other wired and another wirelessly connected Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop. The Studio computer is running Vista 64 bit, home premium OS. The wireless router is an older DLink DI 524 wireless G unit, running WPA. I also have a second wireless unit DIR 450, as a back up.

Now for the problem. When I directly connect via wired network the new Studio, I get the full bandwidth of my Internet connection (4 Mbps). When I connect wirelessly to the older Dlink unit, my Internet speed drops to 500 Kbps. When I shut off the older DLink unit, and put the DIR 450 I get 1.5 Mbps. With the Dell Inspiron, (running Win XP media edition) I get the full

4 Mbps on both Dlink routers. Testing multiple times yeilds the same results. All of the wired PCs also get a consistant 4 Mbps. (By the way, the wireless connection speed is 48 + Mbps on either router, or computer.)

Everything points to the DLink routers...except the results I get with the Inspiron (XP box).

Any one know of compatibility problems with the newer Dells, or the Vista 64 bit OS, or the older DLink units, or even the newer ones?

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Richard Johnson
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Well, it was the older DLink units incompatibility with the new Dell Studio wireless card. I bought a new Linksys (could have been any manufacturers) and the Internet throughput is the same as the wired ones (accounting for encryption overhead).

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