How to connect two routers wirelessly and access internet through the guest router?


I have two wireless routers both have WDS enabled. The main router is connected to internet via ADSL and I want to connect another router to the main router wirelessly and connect my desktop computer to the guest router with a ethernet cable.

I have searched throuth some posts but have not found a solution to my situation. Can anyone give me some suggestions and some detailed configurations?

Thank you.

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I needed to do basically the same thing, and one of the regular posters here advised either flashing firmware on one of my existing routers (looked like a steep learning curve) or buying a Buffalo WLI-TX4-G54HP. It connects wirelessly to an existing wireless router or access point, and has 4 ethernet ports 'out'. If I read the docs correctly, you can connect up to 2 computers directly to it, or you can connect another wired/wireless router's WAN port to one of the Buffalo's ethernet ports, and you now have 4 wired ports plus wireless access to the internet. This is what I did & it works great with relatively simple setup. When the moon's in the right phase & I hold my mouth just right, I can connect to a router that's over 800 feet away & indoors behind a couple of walls at around 600-800kb/sec (PCpitstop measurement) on a 1Mb/sec DSL account. It is noticeably faster than my 40kb/sec dialup. :-) Only problem is that the original router is in a laundry closet & dirty clothes make for a very effective RF filter at 2.4 GHZ.

Best $58 I've spent on computer hardware in a long time.


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