how to connect two routers

I want to set up a wireless network with four computers and a printer with printserver. I have two modem/routers (Speedtouch 780 and Air Ties RT-210). I would like to use the Speedtouch 780 as the mode/router for connection with internet. Three of the other computers can connect wireless with the Speedtouch 780, but the third can't because of the distance. To increase the distance capacity, would it be possible to use the Air Ties router/modem as a kind of wireless access point to which I can connect this computer and also the printserver? How to configure the Air Ties?

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Peter Ingelse

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sorry don't know anything about your router models. Check out the wiki page for WDS

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you can google it too. Hopefully this info will help. Do all the research you can, WDS can be problematic if not setup proper.

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