Two Wireless Routers in my home?

I was wondering if I this would work.

cable modem >>>>> Wireless Router (A) >>> computer (A). V Wireless Router (B) >>> computer (B)

Can computer B be connected to the internet through wireless router B and Wireless Router B) be connected to internet by Wireless Router A?

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yes, but why only two?

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Peter Pan

Yes. However, the way you have it will cause two problems:

  1. Computah A and Computah B will not be able to "see" each other or pass files back and forth.
  2. Computah B will be using what's called "double NAT". That causes problems with applications that need to have IP ports forwarded. For these to work, you'll need to port forward both routers.

Both of these problems can be avoided by using an access point, instead of a wireless router for "B". Any and all wireless routers can be used as access points. See FAQ at:

There's also some debate as to how to setup two wireless devices in the same general area. Everyone agrees that they should be on different non-overlapping channels (1, 6, 11) to avoid mutual interference. However, whether they have the same SSID is subject to debate. Making them the same will simplify connections and if your client radio supports seamless roaming, will allow you to move a laptop between the two coverage areas. However, if your laptop does not appreciate roaming, it might be a problem. I prefer using different SSID's for each wireless device, so I can manually decide which one is closer or has the best signal.

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