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Looking for help on the following: I currently have an Apple Airport Extreme wireless router connected to my Yahoo DSL. The apple Extreme serves as my network for my house. However, upstairs the reception is very weak. I have connected via an ethernet cable to my Airport Extreme a Linksys BEFWS4 802.11b wireless router for my upstairs which I want to use as "booster" so to speak of the network signal from my Airport Extreme as opposed to a separate router. Anyone know how to configure the Linksys router so it acts as a "booster" of the signal as opposed to a separate network?

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If you mean a BEFW11S4 then the manual is here;

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Anyone know how to configure

Not familiar with this one's interface, but the main things I've learned (thru stupidity!) is:

1) connect the ethernet cable to the LAN of the Linksys AP, not the WAN. Very important. 2) turn off DHCP at the router turned AP. You don't want it to assign the addresses. Let the Extreme handle all that. 3) Assign the linksys it's own address on the LAN - something in the Extreme's subnet, but not in it's pool of DHCP. 4)Give the linksys the same SSID and encryption that the Extreme uses, so your pcs can roam from one to the other. 5) Put the Linksys on a different channel.


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