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Hi everyone, I have a question regarding something I have not seen before but am curious to know if it works. I appologize in advance if this has been done in a more techy lingo in which I was not avle to pick up. I've seen others post similar items, which have not been helpful to my situation.

I have 2 wireless routers, D-Link 524. The primary dlink is connected downstairs with the connection to the net. I am wondering if it is possible to setup the secondary router upstairs to obtain a wireless connection from the primary in which I will be able to use ethernet connections to provide an internet connection to the devices connected to the secondary router.

If it is possible and anyone can provide the steps or a link to the info for me to set this up, it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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Spaz hath wroth:

The 2nd router is setup as a wireless access point, which basically means that you disable the DHCP server, and ignore the router section. Run CAT5 cable between the LAN ports of both routers. You may need a crossover cable. See:

Unless you're sure that a client (laptop) cannot hear BOTH routers at the same time, I would use different RF channels (1, 6, or 11) to prevent mutual interference. If you want to try seamless roaming between access points, you can assign the same SSID to both devices. Otherwise, make the SSID's different, so you can chose to which one to connect.

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