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Ok recently I installed a BT Home Hub downstairs to save me from having to send a 10m ethernet cable upstairs for xbox live. Upstairs connected via ethernet to my main PC is a Belkin ADSL Modem with wireless G router which I used for my main internet access until I installed the BT Home Hub and they now seem to cancel each other out which means when I'm using the home hub. the Belkin won't connect to the internet. Is there a way where I can use both on the same network? Or perhaps even just use the Belkin is a wired router? Sorry if this makes no sense, I'm not too good with technical jargon.

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You can only have one ADSL modem on a phone line at once. I'm not clear about where the xbox is. I assume downstairs near the BT Home Hub. You could perhaps get a wireless adapter for the main PC to connect to the BTHH and ebay the Belkin.


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Eric Parker

Hi, Make sure that the Hub is conn to the router and not the modem. If hub is directly connected to the router then make sure that DHCP is enabled on the router. It might be disabled,so enable it.It should work. You should be able to use both comp & X box at the same time.

Also visit this webhsite for all networking info.

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