Trouble connecting Linksys WRT54G wireless router


I am having trouble connecting my Linksys WRT54G wireless-G router to my Apple laptop. I have had the laptop connected to the same router previously, but i now have a new carrier of my cable internet.

The laptop connects to the router, but every time I try to connect to the internet it says " Not connected to the internet". Please help me, and do not assume I know everything there is to know about how to clone MAC whatevers.... I don't so please help me through it.

Thank you

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I'm not an Apple expert, but I do have some experience with the WRT54G.

Are you certain you can connect to the router? To verify this connection, try to connect your browser to That is the default IP address for the WRT54G. If you changed it, use the "orrect" address. You should see the router's home page.

Has your cable provider told you that you need to clone a particular MAC? If you had given some details of your provider and the connection details, we wouldn't be shooting in the dark.If so, do you know which MAC to provide? When you do, log into the router and select the "MAC Address Clone" tab. Select the Enable button and enter the 6 numbers into the boxes, or press the "Clone your PC's MAC", whichever is desired.


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