Airport extreme network problem

We have a pc and a macbook pro. An apple airport extreme base station is connected to the broadband modem and we have a wireless network. everything worked fine. I changed the wap code to a wep code and now the pc won't find the airport extreme base station all though i can connect to the network via the macbook and the new code. I need to get the pc on the network. Using a Belkin adapter I can find the wireless network but it won't connect or find the base station in the airport utilty. I'm really stuck !

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Stevo hath wroth:

Please don't use WEP unless you are:

  1. Desperate
  2. Insane
  3. Cheap and only have ancient hardware
  4. All the above. WEP sucurity is very poor while WPA and WPA2 are the current high fashion encryption.

The problem is that there is a bug in various creative implimentations of WEP encryption for converting from the the ASCII text key to the native Hex key. There are at least 3 different ways I've seen it done. However, all is not lost. Just inscribe the Hex key equivalent into your Belkin whatever adapter and it should work. It's possible that the Belkin might be so ancient as to not support WPA, but I doubt it.

However, I still suggest you abandon this exercise in downgraded security and go back to WPA or WPA2.

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