Help connecting two routers together


I was hoping someone out there could offer me some help and assistance in adding a router to an existing router (is it called bridging?). I?m sorry but my knowledge on routers and wireless is not excellent so any step by step manual would be great or if some could tell me what to do would even be better.

I have two netgear routers (Model No is WGR614), the modem cable is inserted into the Internet port of the first router and everything is working fine (wireless and internet is excellent) however I have another router which I want to use to boost my signal even further. Any help would be excellent.


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Are you going to hook up the second router to the first with a cable?

Or do you hope to use the second router to connect wirelessly to the first ?

In the first case, you are hanging an Access Point off of a router. This should be fairly easy to do.

In the second case you are setting it up as a bridge. I don't know your model, but most routers do not readily lend themselves to being used as a bridge.

Have you read the manual with your router?


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