Two modem / wireless routers?

I have my netgear DG834G working OK at the moment. It connects to my phone line to receive the Virgin Media broadband service (slow slow slow), and is connected via a wired connection to my main PC... just because the main PC is close enough to the phone line to enable this (at the moment). I have another PC, and a laptop, and I can connect those to the network via the netgear.

Thing is, there are a couple of spots in our house where the signal is quite weak, and this limits the positioning of the second PC and the laptop.

I have an option to get another DG834G for nothing, and wonder whether I can use that to improve my network coverage... can I connect the second DG834G to another phone point (e.g. upstairs), so that I have a strong signal everywhere in the house?

Or can you not connect two modems (after all each DG834G is a modem + router) to the same broadband line?

Any way to make use of two DG834Gs in this way, in any configuration?



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On Thu, 10 Jan 2008 08:56:06 -0500, drmrbrewer wrote in :

No. Wrong device. Only one DSL modem can be on the phone line. Best way to improve coverage is with a better antenna. Another option is a wireless access point connected by cable, phoneline networking, or powerline networking.

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