Anybody want an 832 ???

I just jerked one out today and replaced it with something else. Seemed to work ok. Has two 16 LED keypads and an 8 zone expansion module. I can send it to Jim to be unlocked and he can forward it to you or I can just send the mess to you.

The customer wanted me to installe the same panel as he hjas in all his other stores so I didn't even bother to check if it was locked out or not.

Make an offer. Buyer pays me and pays Jim.

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Bob La Londe
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I got a few too, and bunch of keypads...lets have a yard sale out in the stinkin' desert.

The last one I pulled out because the orig installing company told the guy the board blew after a year, and they wouldn't replace it on warrantee. He was an old customer of mine so I told him if we're gonna replace it let's replace it with something better, which we did. I didn't bother to even check the dsc out. While we were going through testing everything we discoverd that the dopes that installed the alarm originally had installed a motion detector in the garage, rather than run a new wire, they tapped it into the ohd switch wire, which wouldnt have been too bad except they connected the pir power with the loop circuit - no wonder the system acted goofy.

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Crash Gordon

Back when DSC used to have a lifetime warranty it would have been a good panel to have. Now it seems you can barely get them out of the box before the counter boys tell you the date code says it is out of warranty. Now that the 832 has been replaced by the (1616)1832 (1864) (well after the first recall that is), I guess DSC will automatically void all warranties of everything else (except the new stuff) in the Power Series even before you open the box. Thanks TYCO.

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Roland Moore

Yeah, I have heard that complaint for a while now. SOmehow I think those dealers who install mostly DSC have to be getting a little better treatment than that or they would have ash canned them a while ago though.

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