simple question about using WEP-protected access points

I have a single desktop WinXP PC and a WPN111 - RangeMax Wireless USB

2.0 Adapter.

in my house I can detect 3 to 5 access points, only one of them was completely unlocked. now that one is locked.

I seemed to have figured out the passphrases for most of them (i.e. password, admit and one is the name of the network!) including the once-unlocked but now-locked access point.

Entering in the passphrase on any of these does not unlock the router to allow me to access their internet connections -- how do I do this? Ss it simple, or does it require more equipment and/or software than I have?

They're all using WEP and not WPA, but I don't know if they're using

64-bit or 128-bit encryption. this is the extent of my knowledge on the subject. would appreciate some info.


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How do you know you have figured out the right passwords?

Unlock the router to access their internet connections? I think you are somewhat confused or need a better wording.

Go to the aircrack-ng website. You'll find there all you need to know.

Have fun.

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Jose Rodriguez

so you want someone to tell you how to steal internet from your neighbor?


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aww STFU, troll.

my neighbors have used MY access point / internet connection without asking.

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I looked at that website--it's more complex than i thought. any other sites you can recommend for a newbie?

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Well, I can't eat your food for you, there's some work you need to do for yourself. If you like the subject I grant you'll have a good time learning to do these things. If all you want and are prepared to do is to press the "fire" button I'd recommend to find another hobby. Note that I'm not saying that is difficult, but it can be confusing if you are new to it. You have to sort and filter the available information out.

To start with, if you google for "how to crack wep" you'll find a multicolor universe of tutorials, articles and videos on this very same topic. Read them and pick up the right information to suit your needs and your available hardware.

One more hint:

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Burn it and learn how to use it.


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