RADIUS stop packet guaranteed delivery

Hi, this is probably in some FAQ, but... does IOS 12.3/12.4 support guaranteed RADIUS accounting stop packet delivery? If yes, how would I enable it? Thank you.

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I'm not sure how you would guarantee delivery of the stop packet specifically, or why receipt of the stop packet would specifically be at risk.

However, if you used the "wait-start" keyword, you would at least ensure that accounting is taking place before the requested user process could commence.


aaa accounting network default wait-start group radius

If the start packet was successfully passed to the accounting server, you would then at least have reason to expect that the stop packet should also be successfully received.

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Being that RADIUS uses UDP for pushing packets around, it's sometimes annoying that stop packets never make it to the billing server. One negative result is accounts that are still marked as online when in reality they aren't. RADIUS stop packets are probably of a "fire-and- forget" type, and are delivered asynchronously, so there's probably no retransmission taking place. Perhaps RADIUS itself can do what UDP can't?

I'm not sure if wait-start will also retransmit stop packets if need be?

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Did you consider other option called diameter? Amongst few other cool features it can use TCP as transport protocol. I'm not sure if cisco started supporting it but here is the link to some useful info to get you started

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