ISDN - How to stop a router dialling up on bootup

A colleague is trying to work out how to stop an ISDN router dialling out on bootup. We do have a solution but unfortunately we have to stick with an older 1721 running IOS 12.3.X and the way we found isn't supported in the software. Additionally, the router hasn't the memory to run the 12.4.X software that has this feature.

The way we found was to track the line protocol on Vlan 1 as follows:

track 10 interface Vlan1 line-protocol delay up 120

ip route Dialer10 250 name delayed-floating-static track 10

Has anyone managed to achieve this by some other method ?



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Darren Green
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check out

formatting link

Dialer Persistent Plus Failed Connection Delays Configuration Example

The following example shows how to configure a 1-minute delay at boot-up, and a 10-second delay for redialing after a failed connection with a maximum of five tries before stopping:

! interface dialer 1 ip address negotiated encapsulation ppp dialer pool 1 dialer remote-name remote1 dialer idle-timeout 0 either dialer string 7135550199 dialer persistent delay initial 60 dialer persistent delay 10 dialer persistent max-attempts 5 ppp authentication chap ppp chap hostname DDR ppp chap password mysecret

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