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My doubt is as follows. It is regarding the Accounting procedures specified in 3gpp2 accounting specification (3GPP2 X.S0011-005-D)

What is the exact use of this parameter in Radius accounting messages ? As far as i can see from the spec is that it is used to denote that session is not terminated. But if you see the processing of Active Stop Airlink Record (See Accouniting Spec 3gpp2 3GPP2 X.S0011-005-D Section

3.5.6 ), we will send an Accounting Stop with Session Continue set to true. and When a packet data session is terminated , Excerpt from Section 3.5.3 " After the Serving PDSN terminates a packet data session to the MS for every UDR that the PDSN has not sent Accounting-Request (Stop) to the HAAA, the Serving PDSN shall: 1) Add a Session Continue attribute in the UDR with the value set to 0 (False). 2) Send a RADIUS Accounting-Request (Stop) record based on the current UDR. 3) Delete the UDR after receiving acknowledgment from the RADIUS server that it has successfully received the UDR"

Here we are setting the session Continue to false and sends accounting stop to Radius Server.

But when will we delete the UDR for which we have already sent an Accounting Stop ? Will it be deleted?



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