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I posted this five days ago but didn't get any response. So here it goes again:

I would like to have the Pix (Software 7.0.2) send accounting data about the VPN users to our Radius server. Currently I get a record for each connection request but not for the end of the VPN session. Somehow I cannot figure out how to achieve this. So I am interested in some example.

What I have so far is this:

aaa-server RADIUS protocol radius aaa-server RADIUS host 111.222.333.444 timeout 5 key something aaa accounting include tcp/0 outside RADIUS

But I don't see any accounting records on our radius server (except the one for the authentication request). In fact, the Pix doesn't send any, I used a sniffer to check this. So what is missing?

Regards, Christoph Gartmann

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Christoph Gartmann
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AFAIK, accounting is for TACACS+ service.

HTH Martin

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Martin Bilgrav

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