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Hi All, i've a CCME 4.0 with about 30 phones and phone lines with DID i'd like to configure the system if an external call come directly to an internal extension, if no answered, after some seconds the call will be transfered to the operator phone. I easy do this with the command : call-forward noan 411 timeout 18

now the problem...i'd like this feature only for external calls, so if an internal extension call another internal extension I'd like there will be no transfer to operator. This could be done with command : no forward local-calls

But, enabling this command, i disable also the transfer command from the phones, so if a person transfer his phone to another internal extension (for example when he goes to a meeting room) it does not work.

Any help?

ThankYou very much


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Alex Tech
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Hi Alex,

What you may do, especially if you have not too many users, who need this:

  1. Create a voice translation, which will change full DID to "extended extension" (for example, if your DID 123-456-7401 and internal extension x401, we change it to x5401).
  2. Create inbound dial-peer for full external DID (incoming called
1234567401) and apply voice translation profile we created. So, after hitting the dialpeer, your external number will change from full DID to 5401.
  1. In addition to normal ephone-dn (with number 401), create another ephone-dn with the number 5401 (you may exhaust your DNs quickly)
  2. Configure your normal DN to go to Voice Mail or wherever it should go for Internal calls.
  3. Configure "extended DN" with forwarding noAnswer to the operator
  4. Configure your phone with "overlay" line (button 1o1,2)

It should work, however if you have 30 phones, you will need 60 DNs, and depending on your router, you may have not enough licenses to do this for everyone. Good luck,

Mike CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCVP, MCSE W2K, MCSE+I, Security+, etc. CCIE Voice (in progress), CCIE R&S (next)

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"" ha scritto nel messaggio news:4I-dnX17J8TTnU7VnZ2dnUVZ

thanks for the informations... really appreciated !

regards !

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Alex Tech

If you need full config, I can do it for a reasonable fee... :-)

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Seriously...I hope the emoticon was indeed a joke...

I don't think the idea behind UseNet is to advertise for your services. There are TONS of good people on here (Trendkill, Vincent Jones, Walter Robinson, Barry Margolin, etc.) who are pros in their field and don't ask for a dime. They give their advice away in this forum. I've learned a lot from their experience over the years. It's somewhat poor taste to dangle help in this forum for a fee...if you want to do that, I'd suggest one of the professional services sites (sologig or whatever).

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