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Hey all, hope this is the right forum. I have a CCM 4.x and Unity 4.x setup working great. The intergration is working, voicemail works and everything. I've configured one of my DID numbers to a translation pattern that hits a CTI route point. The CTI route point is set to forward all to voicemail.

In Unity I have a call handler setup using that extension in the CTI route point. So when someone calls the phone number they get the opening greeting. the greeting allows the person to dial the extension of the person they need to reach or browse a directory. When the ext is entered, the operations voice says, please hold while i transfer your hear about 5 seconds of on hold music, then the call drops. What else needs to be setup to have Unity transfer a call to an extension. The subscriber is setup and the option to dial the ext directly is enabled.


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Nick Duda
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A good idea might be to check some traces while conducting a call. There are

3 places you should check:

- CCM traces to see if the call is being "released to switch"

- On the Unity box, in the Unity tools depot, Call Viewer

- Again on Unity, the port status monitor(port menu, start all, log all active...then stop all when you're done)

You can save the output of these traces because TAC will ask you for them if you open a ticket.

Hope this helps.

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