ASA 5505 Connecting to ASDM via Web Interface

Hello All,

I'll first admit I'm an idiot.

I've misplaced the username and password to access the ASDM web interface on my ASA 5505.

I can SSH (with putty) into the machine and use the CLI........I have those passwords along with the enable password. It's been so long since I've used the web interface that I've forgotten the info to get in. I've tried the default and my SSH info, to no avail. I need help, please.

Are there commands I can implement via CLI to set the username and password I need to get into the ASDM web interface?


Thanks in advance.

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Buck Rogers
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As I said, I'm an idiot. I've figured it out. I went into the ASDM of a clients test ASA 5505 that is set at the default, and the answer was on one of the startup screens......the enable password with a blank username. I had input pix as the username........from the SSH info I had.

Still embarrassed!!

Thanks and sorry for wasting your bandwidth.



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