ASA 5505

I wasnt to use an ASA 5505 as my office firewall but have also to consider outgoing traffic

With the AS 5505 can i filter which websites and ports the internal users are allowed to access per IP address

Different users have different requirements

or do I need somthing else to do that

I am not that concerned about caching web pages the main thing is to block certain sites from certain users

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I am not 100% on this but here goes.

I would doubt that it would be a practical solution.

Some kind of filtering proxy or dedicated web filter box sounds like a better idea. They can integrate into AD (Active Directory) user logins.

Bluecoat are one of the market leaders. Of course they are not at all cheap. Well properly costly I mean really.

If you have a very small number of users and a small number of concerning sites that do not change often then you might be able to use an ASA.

There might be a DNS based solution too.

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This is overall very true, the ASA will not be able to filter on a per user basis, this should be achieved by an external web proxy +filter. the ASA supports the redirection via WCCP or so. On a per IP basis, you could achieve this, with url filtering, this can be achieved using the http regex filtering rules (not really trivial on CLI as you have to understand the way the MPF cli works, but rather ok from the GUI).

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