ASA 5550 behind ASA 5505

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excuse me at first if i don't explain this properly, i'll try... I have one internet link, and two ASA5505's, and two "networks" that need access from and to internet. The main idea is that 1st 5505 would be configured with 3 interfaces - In,Out, DMZ. Through DMZ i would forward all traffic from one public ip (exmpl. x.x.x.5) to 2nd 5505. Basically DMZ on 1st 5505 would be connected to Out interface on 2nd 5505, and not filtering anything. Out interf. on 1st 5505 would have other pub ip (exmpl. x.x.x.4). Behind both 5505's i have different subnets that requiers some access from and to the internet.

q1: Would that kind of wiring and connecting work?

q2: if that would work, is it possible to configure / limit speed/bandwidth for DMZ "link"?

q3: i guess when 2nd 5505 initiate IPsec tunnel (site-to-site) that the 1st one wouldn't be aware of that (licence issues?) ?

q4: all services that needs to be accessible from the internet behind 2nd

5505 would be accessible if configured only on 2nd 5505 ?

that's it so far, i hope i wouln't bother you anymore.

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Yes, I believe so. But I don't understand why you need the second 5505.

You can set the port speed to 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps.

Yes, the first 5505 is just passing the traffic.

Yes, if the first one is configured for full access.

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Jyri Korhonen

Tnx for reply, my answers/questions are below.

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| Can i for example from 10Mbps internet link "give" only 2 Mbps to 2nd 5505?

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| In the message "Dogg Child" | wrote: | | | Can i for example from 10Mbps internet link "give" only 2 Mbps to 2nd 5505? | |

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Traffic shaping must be applied to all outgoing traffic on a physical interface or in the case of the ASA 5505, on a VLAN. You cannot configure traffic shaping for specific types of traffic.

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