controlling web access via a PIX/ASA

After a day of research I've come to understand (maybe) the range of methods for controlling web access via a PIX/ASA: Regular expressions , access lists , Websense , and Series Content Security and Control Security Services Modules

Cisco makes the use of CSC-SSM's clear as mud. Do I understand that Trend Mico's Interscan is the software running on the SSM ?

Can Interscan run on a 5505 ? Can I put a SSM into a 5505 ?

Is there any site on the web that covers these and/or other methods of controlling web access ?

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barret bonden
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You cannot run the module on the 5505:

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I am looking at either Websense Express, or using a proxy server (SmoothWall Network Guardian) and tightening up the outbound connection on the inside interface.


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