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I find that several concurrent telnet connections to a router are allowed. The maximum number of concurrent telnet sessions in CISCO IOS seems to be dependent on vty(virtual teletypes /terminals) configuration. But, what could be maximum number of concurrent telnet connections that could be configured ? If this is dependent on the kind of router, then can you kindly let me know a router that allows the highest number of concurrent telnet connections ? Any ideas ?

Thx in advans, Karthik Balaguru

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Karthik Balaguru
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I don't know.

The default used to be 16, but on some equipment it was 5. I have seen cases where the default appeared to be

5 and then someone apparently added more with vty 5 15 but I am not sure.

Oddly a router I have here has 5 and it wont allow more.

line vty 0 4 access-class 23 in exec-timeout 60 0 privilege level 15 logging synchronous login local transport input telnet ssh transport output telnet ssh otl-hr-dscott#

router(config)#line vty ? First Line number

router(config)#line vty 0 15 ^ % Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

Cisco IOS Software, C870 Software (C870-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version

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Each router / IOS is different. Some routers will allow many hundreds of vty interfaces to be set up. (expect the router to die from lack of resources if you attempt to configure, say, 768 vty interfaces)

The absolute limit on your gear can be discovered by entering: config t line vty 0 ?

Memory and other resources will typically cause the "practical" limit to be something far less than the "numerical" limit your machine supports.



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