Shutting down ASA 5505 tunnel

For testing purposes, I want to shut down an IPSEC tunnel in an ASA 5505 appliance after it was automatically established. How can I do that, with either ASDM or the CLI? I've found that changing various settings will do it, but I'd rather not go that route if I don't have to. Is there any "shutdown tunnel" command I can use?

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David Kerber
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if you want to cleare the tunnel, you can do it using clear IPsec sa and clear ISAKMP sa. If you dont want the tunnle to be negotiated at all, you may have to remove the crypto commands from the outside interface.



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All I want is to shut down the tunnel so I can be sure it comes back up=20 properly under various different conditions, so your CLEAR commands are=20 what I want; thanks!

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