Router used as a WAP/DHCP

Situation 1: Netgear MR814 with DHCP server enabled is connected to the Internet. Computer with Netgear ME101 is able to connect to the MR814 and the Internet with no problem. DHCP is provided by the MR814. The ME101 is set to DHCP.

Situation 2: Netgear MR814 with DHCP server disabled is connected from its LAN to a LAN port on a Linksys BEFSR81 with DHCP server disabled. (This configuration makes the MR814 into a WAP instead of a wireless router since the WAN port is not used.) DHCP is handled by an upstream Windows NT 4.0 Server. A computer hardwired to the MR814 LAN port works perfectly and is able to obtain an IP address. The ME101 from Situation

1 is connected to a different computer at a new location. It is able to see the wireless network, and it authenticates. WEP is enabled. However, the computer attached to the ME101 nor the ME101 is not able to pull an IP address. What am I overlooking?

I've had this situation work plenty of times before, including on my own home network, but I'm stumped at the moment. If no one has a suggestion, my next step will be to take a notebook computer with a wireless card to the site to see if it can get an IP address. My guess is that it cannot.

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