Problem using a DI-514 as WAP

I have a small wired network with a router that acts as a DHCP server. I am trying to use a D-Link DI-514, which I got free, as a wireless access point. I first connected the DI-514 directly to a PC over a wired connection to turn off DHCP and to manually assign a LAN address in the same subnet as my wired LAN. I disconnected that cable. I then connected the wired router to a LAN port on the DI-514. At that time, I could access the DI-514 from a browser on my LAN using the IP address I assigned. (I could ping and I could access the configuration screens) When I try to make a wireless connection to the LAN, however, I can see the DI-514, but when I try to connect, no IP is assigned. What am I doing wrong?


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I wish you'd tell us what you did to fix it.

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