Dhcp daemon --> router --> WAP --> client problem

Hello all,

I got stuck installing a WAP, wireless access point. The configuration is:

Linux server with DHCP daemon | |--> Router (Cat5 only) with DHCP off | |--> wireless access point (Belkin 54 G) | |--> client (Windows)

The problem is between de WAP and the client. The client connects with the WAP, that works OK. The DHCP gives the client an ip-number, that's fine.

_But_ there is no internet, nor network sharing possible from the client. This is understandible, because the WAP has a fixed ip-address, I have to specify, e.g. The client gets a different ip-number, which it gets from the DHCP daemon, e.g. So the client will never be reached!!!

Now, why does the WAP has to have a fixed IP number? I can change the number, but in my opinion it should get the ip-number from the DHCP daemon.

Is the problem in the WAP? Buy another WAP?

Should I change the configuration of dhcp.conf?

I have no idea what to do. So, maybe someone has a suggestion?!


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Why are you using a router rather than a switch? A switch would be simpler and more appropriate, but the router, with DHCP disabled, should be usable as a switch if you must. Note that the uplink port should not be used. The server should be connected to a LAN port on the router. Is this the case? Also make sure that any filtering / firewall features in the router are disabled. Generally the router is also given a static IP address outside of the DHCP range of the server when used as a switch.

The reason for assigning a static address to the WAP is so that you will always be able to easily access it's configuration rather than having to figure out what IP it's been assigned. A static address for the WAP it preferable and doesn't in any way interfere with the workstations.

Your setup, as you describe it, should work. I suspect that the problem lies in the router setup and not the WAP. You could determine this for sure if you substituted a switch for the router even as a temporary test.

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Phil A. Buster

Got the point! Iown this router for several years already. Accidentally I bought this router instead of a switch. So I switched off DHCP and firewall, as you say. This configuration has been working 100% secure for many years.

The WAP is the recent addition. I connect the WAP to one of the 16 ports of the router.

Mayby I should specify the fixed IP-number of my WAP somewhere in my dhcp.conf file?! I'll check this out.

Also, I will do as you suggest, and substitute the router for the WAP temporarily.

Great help, thanks!

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Linux server, router and WAP are all connected together via CAT5 cabling, server & wap plugged into the LAN ports on the router?

If all this is working, the problem isn't between the WAP and the client! The client has found the wap, connected, asked for an IP and got it from your server. Networking is working...

Where is the internet provided from? The router? If so, you will need to configure your linux DHCP server to tell all clients that the "Gateway" is the router's IP address. The default for the linux dhcp server will be to tell the clients that the linux box is the internet gateway....

This doesn't have anything to do with it.

Does it have a "get IP address dynamically" option in its config? If not, then you do indeed need to hard-wire the IP.

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Mark McIntyre

The linux server is also the internet gateway. The "router" (I switched DHCP off) is connected to the second network interface card of the server. The hard-wired clients get their ip-address and ip-traffic from the linux server. This has been working allright for many years already.

It's only the new WAP that doesn't work. As I wrote: the client is successfully connected to the wireless network, but I can't access any network services from the client, nor internet.

I got the point of the fixed ip-address in the WAP. No, there is no option to have a dynamically allocated ip-address from the DHCP server.

Somehow the ip-traffic doesn't come "through" the WAP. E.g.: I can't ping the client allthough it has an IP allocated to it. I _can_ ping the WAP, however.

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ok, strike that problem.

So you can't ping your linux box from the client? What does ipconfig /all show (assuming its a windows box). Post the results here.

ping the client from the server, you mean?

Can you ping the server from the client?

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Mark McIntyre

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