Console to SpeedStream router?

I'm trying to get into my SpeedStream 5851 SDSL modem using a serial cable. I connected the DB9 to RJ45 adapter (which came with the DSL modem) to my 'COM1' port on the back of my Win PC. Then I connected an ethernet patch cable from the RJ-45 side of the adapter to the RJ-45 'console' port on the back of my SpeedStream.

When I fire up HyperTerminal and connect through COM1, I get no prompt to login to the router. I've tried the following HyperTerminal settings:

9600/8/none/1/none 4800/8/none/1/none 2400/8/none/1/none



Still no login prompt. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Should a regular ethernet patch cable (non-crossover) work, or do I need a special one?


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You most likely need a crossover cable. Did it come with a silver satin cable?


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Gene S. Berkowitz

Tried crossover and straight through cables (router ug says regular patch should work).

Anyone know what may be wrong?

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Here is the wiring for a console port RJ-45 to PC DTE DB-9 cable:

RJ-45 Console DB-9 PC Serial port port

------------- --------------

1 td ---------------- 2 rd 4 rd ---------------- 3 td 5 sgnd -------------- 5 sgnd 2 cts --------------- 7 rts 6 rts --------------- 8 cts __ 4 dtr |__ 6 dsr |__ 9 ri

Make sure your cable complies with this. Use an ohmmeter to check the wiring and then use a terminal emulation program (or an asynch terminal) set to 9600 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit to talk to the router.

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