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Hi, I have a Cisco 2511 with 2 async ports 1-8, 9-16. I need to connect to my PC to check the router serial ports one by one[1-16] and the bundle cables if they are working. I laso have a router menu. I have a RJ45 to DB9 connector, that works fine with a ribbon rollover cable connected to the console port, but not with the serial dark blue cable. I use 9600, 8, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control from windows XP Hyperterminal. What should I use in order to use my PC as a dumb terminal and be able to see the menu? Thank you, T

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Odd, they should work identically.

Your Hyperterm config is correct.

Here are things to check.

First, check your async 1..16 interfaces. Be sure that they are *not* in async mode dedicated. (Use "async mode interactive".)

Be sure that your lines are configured right. Here is how I would configure them for starters:

line 1 16 exec speed 9600 no modem inout transport input telnet

Get rid of all other configs.

In Hyperterm, you should be able to hit enter and see an exec prompt. If not, I would try this:

In another window, from the router prompt, initiate a reverse telnet session to the line:

router#clear line router#telnet router.ip.address

In the reverse telnet session, type "hi mom". Does this show up in the Hyperterm window? If not, then this sounds like a hardware/cabling problem of some sort.

For cable pinouts and whatnot, see

formatting link
RJ-45 plugs from the 2511 lines should be pinned identically to the aux.)


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