Wireless router dropping the connection


I just installed a wireless router (Trendnet tw 432 brp) and I regularly loosing the connection. At first I though that is was after a certain amount of time, but I think it is perhaps after a certain amount of data transferred. If I only brose internet, it can take up to several hours. If I try to transfer a big file to my other computer, it takes minute before I need to restart the router. The router is configured with WPA PSK AEP, but I had the same problem when no encryption was used.

I was thinking of buying a dlink di 524, but with all the post I have seen on internet, I wonder if it is possible to have a wireless network without having so many problems.

Any suggestions?

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Sylvain Menard
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Sounds like WiFi interference. Change channels for starters - use 1, 6 or

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Then try the others, which may be necessary if the three non-overlapping channels are all polluted.

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John Navas

Channels change off of default and as well make sure the router / wireless adapters are in the clear away from signal blockage

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