Wireless connection dropping 50% of packets

I have just set up a wireless network consisting of a ASUS AM604G ADSL2 MOD/ROUTER and a single PC with an ASUS WL-138GV2 54G PCI wireless network card in it. I have set up the router initially using WEP encryption, but after being unable to connect with the wireless PC disabled encryption entirely. With encryption disabled, I am able to connect to the router ang get the network info via DHCP, but get extremely slow internet access (10s on minutes to download

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home page (not good, either the speed or choice of home page).

I have tried reseting XP's winsock, and the entire IP stack, but to no effect.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



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Nick Newton
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Make sure you're running your radios in high-power mode.

I once accidentaly set the WiFi adapter (Intel 2200BG) in my laptop to power-saving mode and experienced the same problems you did, even though I was only 10 feet from my access point.

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Bert Hyman

In your other post on the same subject you stated you had a 64 bit PC, are you running XP 64bit and do you have 64bit drivers installed for your wireless card? I don't know about the V2 but the Asus WL-138g had a separate driver for XP 64bit.

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