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I have several computers connected via (WMP54G) Linksys wireless-g network cards to a Linksys wireless AP (the WRT54G). The cards have the latest driver and the router is running the latest firmware. All five computers in the house are working flawlessly... except mine, of course.

I have Win XP Pro SP2, and I even did a fresh install the other day. Still, my Internet connection drops every couple of minutes, and I have to wait anywhere from 5-60 seconds until it's reestablished. This happens even though I apparently always have a strong signal strength (anywhere from "good" to "excellent," averaging around 40-54 Mbps). Sometimes, I can never reestablish the Internet connection even though communication between my network card and the wireless router is occurring.

I've tried everything I can think of, including uninstalling the wireless card, reinstalling, tweaking the advanced settings, rolling back the driver to the prior version, reinstalling XP... you name it. I've verified that wireless 802.11g authentication is indeed OFF. I'm fairly conversant with this stuff now, so it's quite maddening that I can't get my system to work wirelessly in a reliable way, so if anyone has any ideas, I'd certainly appreciate hearing from you.

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When connected do an ipconfig /all at a command prompt . Maybe compare with another machine. When you loose connectivity check it again. See if you still have a good IP address in your lan range. You might try the sequential power off and on. PC off, Router off, modem off , drink a beer, modem on, wait, router on, wait pc on.

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