It aint the same thing at all

It aint the same thing at all though taking a car to 20k/sec or something of someones bandwidth you are not permanantly deneing them of their connection just using it to check email my wireless as standard will automatically connect to networks in range for me if they are not encrypted. its like going out and leaving the door to your house open. It aint hard to go on to google and type Wireless Security is it?

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Nope so go and Google the arguments against using someone else's connection. What if they pay for out of plan usage and you tip them over that with a few attachments for example?

Who pays? Will you pay? No so someone else is paying for something that you've used, that's pretty much theft in any view.


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David Taylor
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Depends on where you are. Here in California, it's unlawful (California Penal Code section 502) to use a wireless Internet connection without authorization. :

On the state level it could be more clear. "It's unlawful access", said John Geraty, an officer with the Internet crimes against children unit of the San Francisco Police Department.

According to Geraty, using your neighbor's wireless is specifically prohibited in the California penal code. "It's not yours and you're taking it," he says.

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