dropping IP address, losing router connection

I used to get the same problem. The problem seemed to be from interference. I changed the channel to 11 on the router and everything seemed to be ok from then on.

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Tom - www.tditcorp.com
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I have a Netgear WGT624 Firmware version 3.0.2 and a Netgear PC Card WG511T.

It ran fine for over a year with no noticeable problems. Now it has started dropping the connection to the router, I think is loses the IP address. Sometimes I can disable and re-enable the PC card and regain the connection or reboot the machine, other times I have to reboot the router which is a real pain since it is downstairs.

The direct line distance between the router and laptop thru the flooring is about 30 feet. Signal strength is very good at

108 Mbps indicated.

Any ideas?


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Burt Parks

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