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trying to setup a netgear wg602v3, & the setup disk is lost! any ideas where i can download a fresh copy?

or good simple details on setup


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You don't need the CD-ROM. Reset the modem/router using the proper button in the back (keep it pressed for 30 seconds). Then hook up the phone cable (ADSL) and connect your PC/laptop to the modem/router (no wireless during set up). Open a browser page and type the following in the address bar: and enter, user is admin and password is admin. Follow the instructions.

If you are connection to a LAN, just hook it up and it will work even wirelessly, without going into the configuration panel. If you want to protect the access with a password (WEP or WAP), go to: and look for the wireless setup and follow the instructions.

Good luck and happy surfing!


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its a access point, not a modem/router, i had tried that.

netgear say it installs from gear cd, but my customer has lost the disk.


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Are you trying to connect it to ADSL or LAN? It won't work with ADSL. For a LAN connection, it'd be a straight forward operation: hook it up and connect.

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