Wireless connects, fades, then disconnects.

Hey everyone, I'm currently running a D-Link DSL-G604T Wireless Router with my Dell Inspiron 6000 with integrated Intel 2200BG wireless and it's been running perfect for years (maybe 2?).

Then one day it started playing up... It connects, then the signal strength appears to weaken then it disconnects and says no wireless network can be found. I tried plugging in a usb wireless and it does a similar thing... I figured it must be something to do with the D-Link, however when I put another laptop next to mine, it's wireless ran fine...

Anyone got any ideas or could push me in the right direction?


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I'll assume XP Home. There was an old driver problem with the Intel

2200BG Proset 9.x driver that would do something like that. You probably have a later version, but it wouldn't hurt to update to 11.1.x

However, if the unspecified USB device does the same thing, you probably have something that is making the machine very busy. Run the Task Manager to see if the CPU is busy and what process is burning all the cycles. If you can't seem much detail with the stock Task Manager, download MS Process Explorer, which shows much more detail:

It's also possible that you're getting some form of interference. Try sniffing with Netstumbler or Kismet and see if there are any obvious sources of interference. Try changing channel to 1, 6, or 11.

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