Sleep mode causes drop in wireless connectn

Here are 2 problems I'm having that others are having as well. I hope someone here can help me solve them, since the answers will help end the frustration of lots of folks.

  1. When I put my laptop in STANDBY mode overnight, in the morning, it will not connect via my wireless router unless I first dial-up my ISP. This does NOT happen if the laptop is in standby mode for a short period of time.

  1. If I do a re-start, I'm almost always able to connect wirelessly without first dialing up using the modem.

  2. Sometimes I lose the connection with the router, even though the signal strength shown on the machine is always maximum.


  1. This happens with 2 separate ISPs and 2 different routers. That suggests that the problem is not the router or the ISP, but my laptop.

  1. Hardware/Software details:

I'm using a Dell Dimension D600, running XP Home, V2002, SP1. I'm using a US Robotics PCMCIA card. When I tried to install SP2 some years ago I ran into a conflict of some sort and abandoned the effort.

There must be something that triggers the dropping of the wireless connection. Anyone have any ideas?

And why is it that dialing up my ISP via my modem, and then hanging up, restores the connection?

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On Fri, 8 Feb 2008 22:42:12 -0500, Mr_Dogged wrote in :

This was answered the first time you posted. Please refer to those answers.

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John Navas

Install SP2 and all the subsequent updates. Be prepared to download about 160 Mbytes of assorted XP updates and fixes.

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