Dell Wireless Problem

Hope someone can offer some advice.

Main PC is connected to a D Link G604T wireless router, laptop running Win XP and another desktop with W98se connect wirelessly to the internet and each other with no problems.

Just recently introduced a Dell 1300 inspiron running Win XP to the network and now have this problem..the dell laptop can connect to the internet if I use a network cable plugged into the D Link but not with the internal wireless card. I know the card is working as I can see and connect to the other computers through it. The main PC uses Zone Alarm and I have setup access etc OK. I know this has to be something as simple as a tick in the right box but I am now lost for ideas...any suggestions welcomed.

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"John" hath wroth:

Are you using WEP encryption? If yes, then there's a common problem with translating the WEP key from ASCII to Hex. There are two algorithms and Windoze only supports one. If you use the Hex key, it always works.

It's possible that ZoneAlarm is causing a problem. Disable it temporarily and see if it helps. The basic test is to see if the router can deliver an IP address to the Dell 1300 laptop. Run: Start -> Run -> cmd ipconfig If the IP address is, you win. It's working and it's probably ZoneAlarm problem. If it's, then DHCP has failed.

If possible, try temporarily turning off encrytion on the router and see if that works. That will at least test the system (except for encryption). If available, I suggest you switch to WPA as WEP offers little security.

Also, an all too common problem is to connect to the wrong access point. Make sure you are connecting to yours, not the neighbors.

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