Can't Connect to Secured Network

I have a Dell Dimension running XP Pro with a D-Link wireless card that has recently been moved to a new office. In the old office it connected with no problem to the wireless network that was secured via WEP. In the new office I tested the wirelss network setup (it's a D-Link WBR 1310 router) first with no security it and it connects fine. Once I apply security (tried both WEP and WPA) it will not connect. The window comes up "waiting for wireless network", it never connects. Removing the security allows it to connect fine. Any ideas? I have double checked all the settings and can see nothing wrong. Thanks.

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On Thu, 14 Jun 2007 22:56:42 -0400, depawl wrote in :

With (yuck) WEP, enter all keys in *hex* (not ASCII characters).

Shouldn't be a problem with WPA *if* you're entered the *exact* same key.

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