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hey guys,

is it possible to connect to a wirless network from my laptop, then share it through the ethnet card to another wireless router(D-Link DI-524)? so my wireless router will also use the same internet as the one my laptop is connected to?


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erkz hath wroth:

Sure. You can setup either wireless bridging or wireless routing on your laptop, between two ethernet ports, and share the connection with other machines on the ethernet port. See Windoze Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) for one of the many ways to do this.

Adding the D-Link DI-524 is un-necessary with ICS, as the laptop will provide the NAT, DHCP, and shared access. However, the added router will work within the limitations and complications caused by having two (or three) routers in series.

If you have any other questions, you might find it more useful to supply:

  1. What you're trying to accomplish.
  2. What you have to work with. (Hardware, software, numbers...)
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