Issues finding network with D-link router

Hi, My girlfriend recently purchased a D-link wireless router. She is having issues as that she cannot see any signal from her laptop. There is a wired connection from the router to a PC, that works fine. But the wireless is not. I am in California at the moment (she is in Germany). I won't be there for another 2 weeks. She has a D-link DI524 router.

Anyways though, she has 0 knowledge on the subject, and I suspect she just set a password, and tried to plug and play. The result is, she cannot see any networks from her laptop. Presumably the router broadcasting, and her network card is on :)

Is there anythign specific I should be looking for here? (I know its a bit vague, but pelase bear with me here). I know it could be a million things. Also I am not familiar with D-link routers, have never used one. Any help would be appreciated. By the way, she is running win XP home on her laptop, its a dell inspiron laptop. Not sure what the PC is running, I presume XP as well. I would like to try and guide her over the phone if possible, otherwise she has to wait for 2 weeks until I am there to look at it.


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The first thing that came to mind, which may be a factor, is did your girlfriend purchase her laptop in the US?

The DI-524, you said, was purchased in Germany. Different countries allow for different channel frequencies to be allocated for 802.11a/gb wireless hardware. While there will be channels that both pieces of hardware will be able to use, the German wireless router will either have additional (or less) channels that can't be used with the US hardware client. (I'm too lazy to google to see if Germany has additional or less channels compared to the US.)

That would be the first thing I'd ask her to check. Make sure the router is broadcasting on a channel that can be seen from the laptop's wireless hardware -- if it is a US laptop. From your post, I couldn't tell if you both were from the US, both from Germany, or you were from the US and she was from Germany, etc -- so making a little assumption here.

(Even wireless 802.11 wireless hardware sold on US military installations in foreign countries has to comply with the regulations of the host nation.)

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