Best wireless card or USB adapter for a desktop ???

hey all

I have a belkin wirelss home router that seems to all be working fine down stairs. Upstairs i have a HP desktop computer that i used to run a linksys usb adapter with 'LINKSYS WUSB54GS at PC World - Cheap Wireless Network Cards - LINKSYS WUSB54GS WIRELESS 125MBPS USB ADAPTER WITH SPEEDBOOSTER'

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i never got very good singal and it always was cutting me off for some reason. I did try moving it into diffrent spots of the room and didnt make it any better. I also have a Advent laptop with a intel pro wirelss 2200BG built into it that i some times use at the same desk if i cant get my desktop 2 work, the laptop always has full signal and works perfect. So im kinda thinking its the USB adapter.

I was just wondering what would be a good card or adapter to buy for my desktop to get the same sorta singal and speed i do with my laptop? i dont want to buy a adapter or card and have the same problem that im having now with my linksys 1 atm

any help would be great :)

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The problem is the antenna is most often crap/unsuitable or poorly positioned.

See below regarding the problem

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From my experience built in laptop antennas are quite good in comparison.

So I don't think the brand of card or USB will make a lot of difference.



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me here

The problem with desktops is that their (usually metal) case tend to shield the aerial /signal. I would suggest D-Link DWL-122G USB adapter, it comes with ~1m of cable and a stand, which makes it easy to position it for best reception, half an inch can make all the difference. It works with up to 5m of cable. Also you can easily put a V shaped silver foil covered card behind it, works a treat for me. Regards, Martin

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