Wireless connection unavailable?

It might be a conflict with the phone tools you used has corrupted layered TCP/IP services. Download and run winsockxpfix.exe (Google). It is likely to fix the problem. Additionally, the phone tools (Motorola Mobile Phone Tools does this) installs a modem connection. You can disable this modem in Device Manager, but you are likely to have to reconnect the phone and run the phone tools to make the modem visible.

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Well, the usual Toshiba problem is forgetting to turn on the wireless card with the well hidden on/off switch. If you had supplied the Toshiba model number, I could have supplied the location.

Also, right-click on the My Network Places icon on the desktop. Highlight the wireless device icon and see if the device is listed as disabled.

I'm not sure what to suggest next. You mighty try uninstalling the cellphone software or perhaps using System Restore to return the machine to a previous restore point that was known to be working.

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Jeff Liebermann

Heres a story:

I have been using a Toshiba laptop with a skyracer wireless pc card installed for some months. These months all have been working fine. Some days ago I wanted to transfer files from my laptop to the memory stick on my cellphone. I installed the necessary utility bundled with the cellphone and transferred the files. Before I installed the transfer utility it prompted me to install the .NET framework which i did. I transferred the files and shut the laptop down. I came back once more and transferred some more files and the wireless network seemed to work fine and i then shut the laptop down.

The next time i turned the laptop on the wireless network would no longer work. It says that the wireless connection is unavailable. This is the only message i get. I havent changed any settings in the network or card configuration.

It seems that its able to discover my router (Topcom) though.

Whats wrong? Any ideas?


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Bjorn Solberg


The problem is solved. I just repowered the router and now its working

Regards Bjorn

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Bjorn Solberg

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