How can I have a wireless connection to the internet? please help

I have Verizon DSL connection in my home. The DSL modem is connected to my desktop computer via USB cable. I can connect to the internet just fine. I recently bought a Dell laptop computer with wireless networking capabilities. I also got a Netgear wireless router. I followed the instruction but I am confused. The instruction that came with wireless router talks only about ethernet cable, adapter etc. It does not say anything about connecting DSL modem to my desktop via USB cable.. Does it mean that I will have to have ethernet card installed in my desktop computer before my laptop can establish any wireless connection? Should I go ahead and get a wireless network card installed in my desktop computer instead of ethernet card? Or do you think I should be able to create a network without the ethernet card?

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What it means is that you have a modem that has a USB connection type and the router only uses RJ45 connection types.

What you need is a router that will accept a USB or RJ45 connection type for the WAN port. I don't know if they make such wireless routers. Most I have seen, only use the RJ45. The WAN port is the one that connects the router to the modem.

The router you have uses RJ45 for the LAN ports so you can connect a computer to a LAN port and configure the router for wireless. In order to use the wireless computer , you need to configure the wireless router with the wire computer.

But first, you need to connect the router to the modem on the WAN port and the router only uses RJ45.

You could put a second NIC (Network Interface Card) wire one using RJ45 into the desktop computer and still connect the desktop to the USB modem using ICS and plug the router into the second NIC and you're good to go with a wireless or wire connection to the router.

But the router should be the device that is the gateway to the WAN/Internet and LAN and all computers wired or wireless should go through it. It should not be the router connected to the computer with the computer as the gateway device for the reasons in the link about a NAT router, which is route the router you have is about.

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You got four choices here and are the following:

1) Connect the router to a second NIC using RJ45 to the computer that has the USB connection to the modem -- not good no protection as the router is not doing its job. 2) Find a wireless router that has a USB connection on the WAN port so that the router can be connected to the modem -- you may or may not find one. 3) See if the ISP can provide you with a modem that uses RJ45 and not USB so you can connect the router's WAN port to the modem.. 4) Go buy a modem that uses RJ45 that has been approved to work on the ISP's network -- the same thing as #3.

You can use Google to lookup WAN port, LAN port, and RJ45 connection type and what they means if you don't know.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You have the wrong router + modem combination. Two main options

1) take the router back and get a DSL-ready wireless router/modem. You can then retire your old USB modem, plug the new router/modem into the DSL line, and connect your PCs up to it via either wireless or ethernet. Ethernet is simpler, and an ethernet card for your desktop will cost under ten pounds (as copmared to maybe fifty for a wireless card which will be much less reliable). 2) take the router back and buy one which can be connected via USB to a modem. These are rare and expensive. Do NOT be fooled by routers with USB ports for printing or connecting PCs, this is not usable by the modem.

I'd go for option one personally, its the most reliable method.

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