Cisco VPN Client v 4.6 and Cisco Aironet Wireless Adapter


I am using a custom combination bundled install of the Cisco VPN Client v4.6 and Cisco Aironet Wireless adapter. If an ethernet LAN pcmcia card is installed in the laptop PCMCIA slot during the install, the wireless card install waits until a card is inserted before proceeding (as expected). In general if the vpn client install completes before the Aironet wireless install trying a subsequent vpn connection over wireless fails. However, If the vpn client is installed AFTER the wireless LAN adapter, everything seems to work just fine (vpn over wireless). I want to ensure the VPN client will always work regardless of when the wireless adapter software is installed. Anybody with any ideas to this behaviour? I notice during failure of vpn over wireless, the log file complains about a problem starting the firewall. Disabling the firewall did not alter this behaviour.


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Are you installing/inserting other NIC while installing software ? I would not reccommend doing so.

The Wireless software should install first and then the VPN. As both make dramastic changes to the IP stack. A reboot is also required before everything works.

HTH Martin Bilgrav

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