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I just replaced my wireless linksys -b router with wireless linksys -g. This computer is using cat 5 to connect with 2 other computers using wireless. All computers are using Win XP Home. This laptop also has a internal wireless card. The wireless always reports Connection Unavailable (and that was on both the b and g router. NetStumbler finds it.

I have used the wireless connection in the past, but since I had the cat 5 already installed, no reason to use the wireless. It bugs me, however, as to why. Could it be poor reception since this computer is in the basement and router on the 2nd floor although it always worked fine in the past.

Any thoughts on some setting I may have missed.


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Don Harvey
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Errr, is the WiFi transmitter on the laptop activated? E.g., on my notebook, FN+F2 switches the wireless on (and an LED illuminates on my keyboard). FN+F2 switches it off again - all this regardless of having the NIC enabled or not.

Otherwise, disable any form of security on the WiFi router - no WEP/WPA,no MAC filtering, no IP filtering; broadcast SSID and have an open WLAN. Can your laptop connect now? If so, add in teh WPA encryption; get the latest router firmware, drivers for the WLAN cards and get all the XP updates. Can you use WPA-EAS (WPA2), or just WPA-TKIP?

If you then want to add MAC/IP filtering, do so; I broadcast SSID so others can se my channel - and hopefully stay clear of it!

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Had you not said it worked fine in the past, I'd blame the router. I spent a year getting drops and non-connects on first floor laptop with Linksys WRT54G on third floor. Tried everything, and asked here several times. Opinions of Linksys seem to vary widely.

Finally, on advice of a local geek, I got a Belkin Pre-N router, which generally connects fine, good signal, no drops. Of course, it cost a lot more than the Linksys:(

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Thanks spc, avalanche

As far as I can tell I have laptop radio turned on. Before I spend any more time on think I will take the laptop to my office and see if the wireless still works as it used to when I was using it there.


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Don Harvey

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